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Read Kristi’s Entry on Mistakes in Knitting

Please, if you ever showed someone a mistake in your knitting before they commented on it, go read the blog entry on accepting imperfections, which Kristi/Reddogknits wrote on January 16. She’s right on, my friends.

On second thought, go read it even if you do not knit. We tend to be so mean to ourselves when we are not perfect, whatever that means. I figure we’re humans on earth… and both the words “human” and “earth” imply randomness and unevenness. That does not mean that imperfect is a problem. Look at trees which grow in a crooked or uneven way. They tend to be some of the most interesting plants I see.

I tell the children I teach to knit, that perfect doesn’t exist, at least not in physical things. We may feel like we are having a perfect day… feelings may occasionally be perfect for fleeting moments… but things? I think it’s impossible. Look at NASA, they strive for perfection in spaceships, and they struggle with physical limitations even when supported by an extremely large budget.

Maybe striving for perfection helps us reach higher standards, but I’m not convinced it’s a healthy goal in many cases. Olympic athletes strive for perfection, but they are exceptional by definition, and since when does a gold medal require a 100% score? They often give up much balance in order to achieve so far in one realm. They may live in a different state from their families, for example. I’ll take balance, any day.

Go on, it’s not a long entry… see what she has to say. Then prepare to be kinder to yourself. I’m working on it, myself. It’s harder than it sounds.

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