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Project Spectrum

LollyKnitting has a new idea. It’s called Project Spectrum. It is dedicated to celebrating the colors around us. Who can argue with that idea?

Each month from March through August, she has assigned a color or group of colors. You just make *anything* in that color group, or lots of things, or nothing, in that group. Then the next month she goes on to the next color idea. It’s supposed to be no stress. If you can’t do it or that color doesn’t make your heart sing, you can wait for the next month. (August is neutrals/black & white… I’d have a very hard time with that assignment.)

I love the idea, but these days I’m practicing saying “no” to new committments. I do this cycle about 2-3 times a year. Opportunities sound wonderful, I keep saying yes to all the things that sound good, then not long after I suffer with deadlines and the fear of disappointing someone… so I say no for a while, things calm down and then I start doing the “yes dance” again. Right now I’m in the “Oh my goodness, did I really say I’d do all this? By when?” phase.

But I’m very sure that the readers of ColorJoy understand this Spectrum Celebration concept. I’m expecting that several of you will join Lolly in the color adventure. I hope you do. Take me along in spirit, if you would.

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