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Joshua Davis: Echoes of Simon & Garfunkel

#DavisNation @JoshuaDavis77Oh, joy! My friend Joshua Davis is now in the last 8 performers competing on NBC’s The Voice show.

Josh still needs our votes. I’m here to do my best to encourage you to listen (8pm Monday night, Eastern Time). In Lansing, Michigan you can watch for free at Celebration Cinema, and there are other locations for viewing in Frankfort, Leland, Grand Rapids, Bellaire and Portage. Check http://EarthworkMusic.com for information on the #DavisNation and how to vote/view.

I’m really impressed with how well the show is set up to help the contestants get to know each other and feel like family (rather than encouraging competition and conflict). There is enough drama in waiting to hear for who got voted in by “America” (the voters), there is no sense making the competitors feel alienated and alone on stage. That nonsense is not happening here, and I’m grateful.

I spent time a few weeks ago reading everything I could about the show, because I was new to this. I found a number of people suggesting that Josh’s performance of Budapest reminded them of Simon and Garfunkel. This intrigued me, because I felt that way, too, and I couldn’t figure out why.

While you are listening to Budapest, notice the subtle voice he starts with… it also reminds me of the soothing voice of Art Garfunkel. And then he gets so strong at the “Michigan feels like a dream to me now…” section. Of course. His stronger voice has echoes of Simon… and of course, he always sounds like himself under it all.

Then I listened to the intro guitar picking pattern on Budapest and it reminded me of something… so I went and listened to some intros to Simon and Garfunkel. I found it! Listen to the beginning of Budapest and then listen to April, Come She Will at about 11 seconds, where the second intro pattern emerges. The same pattern!!! And the voice of Art Garfunkel has that soft insistence we hear at the beginning of Budapest. Yeah, Josh!!!


So… I started to write this post and it was involved enough that I didn’t finish in time for the top 10… so I got surprised. Josh picked America by Simon and Garfunkel as his performance at that point. And he did it artfully, perfectly and with so much emotion! It stands tall even when listened to with eyes closed on earphones. Sound alone, he delivers it beautifully.

Even Music Times agrees with me:

Team Adam still feels like the weakest batch to me, but I think America did right by picking Joshua Davis as the first of his three to make it into the top 10. His performance of Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” on Monday night was soft and perfectly balanced, proving that the power of quiet music never leaves.

Carolyn Menyes, Music Times

And that got him into the top 10. And last week, he sang for top 8 and got the instant save via tweets on Monday night… So much adrenaline, my stomach hurt… but this guy is really showing his chops from having been on many, many stages over 15+ years on tour with Steppin’ in It and now solo. What a pro. His “instant save” song was “I Won’t Back Down” (we know this one from Tom Petty).

If you download any of these songs by Joshua Davis via iTunes, he gets votes that follow him to the end. Only $1.29 for the studio version, and the pleasure of hearing them any time you want on your favorite gizmo!

Two Hours to Show Time

I’m sitting here 2 hours before he sings again. I need to get going and post this… and get over to the Theatre to watch. I don’t have a TV in my house, so it’s pretty lovely to watch with others who also want to support our friend!!!

There will definitely be knitting. I’m going for the 2nd week with my knitting friend Helen. So fun!

Pass this along, if you would please. All the 8 are stars. Let’s give them credit. And let’s be sure to give Josh our well-deserved votes.

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