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Finally, Sunday Details!

darnersI finally am sitting a minute while I wait on my yarn that is steaming to set the dye… more yarn, I’ll tell that story in a minute…

But first let me tell you about Sunday at Threadbear. I got there to teach my Darn That Sock! class and Dotty (Dottie, Dotti?) came to talk with me, and show me some darning eggs she has collected over the years. Wowie, was that a feast for the eyes!

She had glass, wood, ceramic, metal darning “eggs” (some did not look egglike at all) and some were truly art masterpieces for common use. My personal favorites included a multicolored glass one with a globe shaped working area, and a wooden one made in Norway (the printing on it was in English so perhaps for sale outside the country) where the handle was a woman dressed in traditional Norwegian clothing.

darner from NorwayI recognized her clothing as Norwegian immediately. When I was in middle school, my mother and I created an outfit like this for me to wear on Syttende Mai, (Seventeenth of May, Norwegian Independence Day). I believe that was in May of 1971. We modeled my outfit on a doll made for me by Ingeborg, my great-great-aunt (I think) who was the only one who ever knit for me that I recall. She was born and raised in Norway, and came to the USA at age 16 according to family lore. She passed away in the mid-1970s and had no family other than a brother, so I don’t know much more than that.

Ingeborg made me a doll with very detailed clothing like the area of Norway where she was from. When I’ve gone looking online recently for Norwegian outfits, the style of my doll is shown only on girls, not women. However, the darner appears to be an adult female guessing by her shape. More mystery, maybe never to be solved.

Dottie (drat, I never asked how to spell her name properly), I’m so very happy you took the time to bring your darners for us to see them. What a treat that was!

darned socksAfter the feast for the eyes, we got down to business learning two ways to repair worn socks. Kathi did a great job learning both methods. On her red sock here at left, you can see the woven version easily because she used both a red wool and a yellow nylon reinforcing yarn I brought with me, as her darning thread. For the thin, small spot where she did duplicate stitch, you can not even see where she did the repair work unless you are under the lights at a close range. She did a great job.

While I was at the shop, I took an opportunity to take a photo of my Multicolor mohair Bloom Shawl, on the mannequin. Now you can see her in all her glory! I had some trouble getting color right on this one, it’s sort of soft turquoise throughout, with undertones of purple, blue, aqua, and yellow-green. Gorgeous. And look at how beautifully it can drape! It’s sort of a wonderful bonus that the shawl is very easy to knit… garter stitch short rows for those who know what that means. It means “quick knit” to me!

darnersThis one has a crocheted trim edging as specified on the pattern, but even on the pattern it says the edge is optional. I did not crochet the first one I did. I almost never crochet, so I had to look up how to do a double crochet and triple crochet, in my Maggie Righetti crochet book. If I can crochet this edge, anyone willing to slog through not knowing for a while, can do it as well.

I’m falling asleep at the machine again. Drat! I’m going to put the date of 1/30/2006 on this entry but it’s really 2:15am on the 31st… time to crash. I did 10 colorways in three different yarns tonight, I cranked but I’m wiped out. I think I’ll be posting the Cushy ColorSport web pages in the morning, and then I’ll have my new sockyarns up on Wednesday. You see… I dyed 4 colorways, 12 skeins of my new sockyarn, and before I could even make a web page I was down to three skeins, in only 2 colorways.

You see, I told you guys I’d be posting my yarn and there was nothing really to post! It was back down to the basement studio for me… and I’ll be rinsing and drying the yarns tomorrow, hopefully photos tomorrow night and web pages Wednesday. But I’ll probably put up the ColorSport (which also makes wonderful socks) tomorrow before the other yarn is ready to go live.

See you tomorrow.

Photos: 1) Darners (darning eggs) from Dottie’s collection. Forgive the size of the photo, I thought you would want to see the detail. 2) Close up of Norwegian doll darner. 3) Kathi’s first knitting repair project (red) and my sample repair sock (aqua) on top of my magenta pair that has been darned at least 4 times and still going strong. 4) Bloom Shawl on mannequin at Threadbear.

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