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There IS no perfect time. Act now.

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I needed to read this, and thought a reminder would be good so I made this image. In certain areas, I tend to be perfectionist¬† and feel things are “not done enough” and never actually finish the last tiny bit. The other side of that is being afraid I don’t have enough time/energy/focus to start, and then waiting for the perfect time.
I do this most for things where I think someone is going to judge in some way, especially with my artwork/knitting. In 2015 I finished a bunch of knitting patterns I’d started in previous years but never finished. I’m practicing finishing and remembering that I can be my worst critic when I’m in the wrong mood.
¬†Some people only knit one item at a time, where others of us enjoy starting many projects (that’s me).
I think starting something or at least planning something is like embracing a dream. Maybe not finishing is, in a sense, holding on to the dream that started the project rather than embracing what it has grown into becoming.
Do you ever have trouble finishing things you start? Tell me a bit about them.

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