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Olympic Photos

backBrian asked why I was interested in Knitting Olympics. I am grateful to be pushed beyond my comfort zone, I’m glad to have a finite amount of time to focus on something that I would not ordinarily knit (I can do uncomfortable things if I know there is an end in sight), and I’m extremely glad to have this focus time to use the yarn that someone gifted me with several years ago. I want to honor that gift.

I’m really enjoying the friendships I’m making on Team Michigan, too… I really love the Internet for the relationship-building I experience because of it. I can share my passion for whatever it is on my mind. (I’ve been involved with self-employed groups, owners of VW New Beetles, Freecycle, mailart/eraser carving groups, polymer clay groups, and knitting groups.) Some of my Internet-met friends are among my most precious. Right now I’m contemplating a trip to Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, during the lovely weather of summer, to visit one of the Team Michigan folks. Cool, huh?

backOK, so here are the too-long-awaited photos. At top is the completed back of my top/vest (Sally Melville’s Cross-Over Top from The Purl Stitch book). Stitches at top are holding for construction later. Yes, there are a few orange stitch markers there, marking significant rows in the construction process.

The second photo is two fronts being knit at the same time. I’m almost at the point where I need to start shaping. When the fronts are done, there is some seaming to do and then picking up and knitting edges that match the bottom edge (reverse stockinette rolled edge on smaller needles). I think I’m past halfway and we’re just past halfway in the Olympic games. I hold hope that I can make the deadline.

I’m glad I did the back first. I can tell that the knitting became much more even somewhere after I started the shaping for the armholes. I’m lucky the yarn is a bit uneven to start with, so it hides a little of my inconsistency. Just the same, I’m glad the “getting used to” part is on the back where my long hair will likely cover it up.

OK, I’m off to pop into Rae’s shop for a minute and then go meet my knitting comrades at Gone Wired Cybercafe. Fun!

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