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A Little Knitting, a Little Teaching

Last night we had a great time singing at The Temple Club. Thanks to all our friends who turned out.

We had a handful of listeners we know through Habibi Dancers, and a bunch of musician friends were there. We even got to see Andy and Joe, our music friends from the band Steppin’ in It, who we had not seen since September. It was really great to have them come to hear us sing. What fun that was!

Today (Thursday) I taught two classes, had CityKidz Knit! program and did a tiny bit of Olympic knitting. I knit on three different projects in the course of the day, didn’t make progress on much.

The weather was just as flaky as my day. It was sunny, then snowy, then sunny, now cold at night.

I guess some days are just not focused. That’s normal, part of being human.

The exciting news is that on the fronts of my Olympic Knitting top, I’m at the point where I will decrease for the armholes on the next row. That means I have to pay attention, right?

Busy, Nothing New
Tomorrow/Friday is normally a day off. This week I see Altu for lunch (she was busy during our regular lunch date time this week), plus we have company coming from out of town, plus I teach Bloom Shawl at night at Threadbear.

Saturday I had wanted to go at least half a day to the Mid-Michigan Knitting Guild Retreat, but now I have a dance rehearsal instead. Then 3-5pm an Olympic Knitters (and friends) knit-in at Gone Wired Cybercafe, followed by 6:30-8:30 singing performance at Altu’s. Fun, but busy. Could be much worse.

I had a bit of a headache before I looked at that schedule. Now I definitely need to go rest!!!

Photo: I took this at sundown on Valentine’s Day. We were just south of Tampa, Florida. Pretty, huh?

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