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Olympic Updates

Well, Tuesday’s knit-in was fun with Rae and I (I have a cute photo of us but little time to edit it for you yet). Today/Saturday I sat at Gone Wired Cybercafe with Sophie of Olympic Team Michigan and also Julie of my morning First-Time Toe-Up socks class at Rae’s. That was just plain fun. I wish for more knit in’s, just because.

The Knitting Olympics? I’ve heard from a few folks on the team here and there on their progress.

  • Kate doesn’t have photos or an update on her blog right now, and I haven’t heard from her in email.
  • Kirsti has photos of her threadybear steeked sweater with one sleeve complete, on her blog dated Thursday.
    Kristi finished her socks. Go, Grrl!
  • Laney finished her goal. Gold!
  • Laurie wrote Tuesday that she had problems due to a gauge swatch “incident.” Pooh. Saw her very briefly and didn’t chat the other day and now I wish I’d stopped to smell the roses and talk Olympics. Sorry, L.
  • I’m making good fabric-building progress but now that I’m at the number of stitches the pattern says I should have, I have a different number of increases than she thinks I would have done to get there. I need a good clear head and a calculator to figure this out. I think it’s about measuring sometimes with inches and sometimes with rows. First move will be to compare the actual back to the actual fronts and see if I’m in the ballpark as it stands right now.
  • Pirate Mariam has been knitting on her fairly boring stockinette bulky sweater, plugging away but alternating with more interesting projects (such as drawing).
  • Rae finished her Rogue even though she had to refigure everything (including sideways cables) because her yarn was a different gauge than specified. I mean, she finished it days ago. The grrl is amazing.
  • Rob was cranking like crazy but his store is having a 20% off everything in stock sale this Fri/Sat/Sun and so I bet he hasn’t had a second to knit in a couple days. Even though he has finished both front and back of Yelena and much of a sleeve at last blog post (Thursday).
  • Sarah Peasley wrote that she was making good progress on her Krystina and I know she spent Saturday with other knitters on retreat. I bet she makes it, she is another one of those knitters who really cranks.
  • Shanon hasn’t written in a little bit and there is no update on her blog… hope all is well there.
  • Sophie’s blog isn’t updated but I saw her project. It’s an amazing super-cabled, super-wooly-warm Mission Falls shrug. She was on the very edge knitting the ribbing when I last saw her. She’ll definitely have time to finish.
  • Susie changed gears midway from Olympic knitting to her own personal deadline: a baby shower with little notice.
  • Teresa L says she did finish one sweater but the second one had much more to work on than she remembered. We’re cheering her on.
  • Theresa I hasn’t had an update since Monday but she had made progress on her sock at that point, which looks promising!

We had a great concert at Altu’s but that will require a whole post of its own… and now my musical guests are arriving for the second night of jam sessions till late hours… off to play tunes!

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