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Olympic Slow-Motion Replay

I have ripped back almost half of the fronts on my olympic top. At first I thought I may have cast on the wrong number of stitches, but thankfully that turned out to not be true. However, I’m back to the point where I’m decreasing for the armholes. Sigh.

I still got much further in the knitting of this somewhat boring-to-knit object, by having the Olympic push. I will surely wear this as soon as the weather warms up. It’s not done yet, but I’m sure it will be done.

Right now, though, I have two largish balls of yarn that once were knit fabric. It took a good while for me to rip both fronts to the same spot, but that’s accomplished and the ripped yarn is in tidy balls ready to knit again.

It could be worse. When you make a mistake sewing, if you cut the wrong way your fabric is ruined. In knitting if you work the wrong way you rip out and the fabric is gone but the yarn is still good for knitting the fabric again. Gotta love that!

I may have knit more today if I were not fighting the second day of a headache. I slept till noon and that was a really good thing, after the weekend of little sleep. I felt better in late afternoon after some good food and some doctoring. Not gone, but significantly better. I’m learning that a solid meal with much protein can really help the headaches sometimes. Whatever works, I guess.

I have a zillion photos on the camera and no inclination to sit at a computer and edit them for you. One day soon, my blog entry will be all photos, you are warned! For now it’s time to sleep again.

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