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Gold Star Button

Gold Star button by LynnHFor those who participated in the Knitting Olympics but did not earn a gold medal, I present to you a gold star. It seems that an earnest effort is honorably rewarded by a gold star, right?

If you wish to use the star button on your own site, please feel free, but please save it to your own server, OK?

In looking back, I almost did not sign up for the Knitting Olympics because I knew it would be hard to free up enough personal knitting time to finish a challenging project. I lucked out because we went on vacation for 6 of the 16 days which made it possible to make an earnest attempt. I’m very glad I gave it the old college try.

I am sure I could have finished by the deadline… if I had been able to analyze what had gone wrong. I was unable to reconcile the difference between my knitting versus the printed pattern specifications. Apparently I’m an optimist, because I have only made four tops in my knitting career, and all four I accomplished thanks to the encouragement and advice of knitting friends as I proceeded.

Saturday I could tell I was in trouble, and I did ask for advice Sunday (without having the whole picture in front of me, so the answer was an educated guess at that point). I still am not sure what is wrong but now I have a plan for how I’ll make it work. Remember, I found one knitter who did make this item and she did not mention anything about this hiccup in her experience. There are no errata listed for the pattern on the XRX website. I think it’s just inexperience at making tops/sweaters that is keeping me back. And it’s just a delay, because I’m clear I’ll finish now.

I’m glad I did it. I met some great people, and I challenged myself to do something (with pretty but challenging yarn) where the fun was not in the knitting process itself. I have a mostly-finished project. And I was part of a worldwide knitting party of sorts. All worthwhile.

My friends, “wear” your star in good health!

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