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Three Works in Progress (WIPs)

I did a lot of running around on Monday. I taught at the High School in the morning, had lunch at New Aladdin’s with Tony, then ran a few errands (pharmacy, copy center, etc.) and went to Haslett on the far side of Greater Lansing to teach two computer classes. On the way home I picked up Japanese food (yum) and my mail at the Post Office.

While I was out and about, between all these places, I was knitting. Nothing is making great progress, because I have four projects going and all need differing amounts of attention depending on where I am at the moment I’m needing a project.

I am slowly working on my top/vest, the one I did for Knitting Olympics and then ripped out. Just now I finished what I think is the last increase row for the lapel. I may be off 4 rows but I have the right number of stitches, so I’ll look at it again when I’m not falling asleep at the keyboard.

The smallest of the projects is a very-simple Red Heart Acrylic rectangle on size 3 needles, which will be bound off and sewn into a water bottle “cozy.” Not fancy but I’m trying to inspire the kidz in the high school project I started not even two months ago. I do have a few regulars but many of them can’t really picture possible projects they could do. This is easy but takes a few more stitches than a wristband. I hope it goes over. I’ll give it to the woman whose classroom we use, so folks will see her using it. I don’t like the feel of synthetics so I knit this project only when I’m with the kidz at the school, or if I get stuck at a railroad crossing waiting for a train in the car. It will be another week or two before that’s done.

Another project is the bulky Aspen sweater. I’m nearly done with the second ball of yarn and it’s an impressive size already. It’s a K1P1 rib which doesn’t always make me smile, but the yarn is SO easy to work with, that I did this project while waiting at the pharmacy.

The last project is legwarmers in turquoise. Yum. I cranked on the beginning of this project in Ann Arbor the other day, but then I had to readjust and decide how much to increase and where, for the top part (I’m making them up as I go). Now I’ve increased and I’m probably almost halfway up the first one. These will be wonderful once they are done.

Oh, Man! Falling asleep at keyboard… seeya later.

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