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An Early Taste (Tease?) of Spring

sun in LansingThe sun is shining in Lansing. There was not a cloud in the sky earlier, now we have a fine film of very high feathery clouds but it has not changed the sunshine. There are still piles of snow in many places, but you can see grass more than snow. It’s 45F (7.2C) degrees out there, mothers are pushing strollers, but it’s still relatively quiet in the neighborhood.

My friend April called from across the street and said she saw crocus shoots pushing up through the soil in her yard. No flowers, it’s significantly too early for that, but anything green is exciting right now.

Here’s a photo from the same angle I often use (from my porch facing south) to show you changes in the weather here. You can see there is still snow here and there, and the grass/sky have relatively little color. However, sharp shadows are so rare in Michigan this time of year, I’m really celebrating that sunshine!!!

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