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Dyeing Yarn

I’m dyeing yarn this week for a knitting retreat in Bloomington/Normal Illinois which starts Friday. The retreat is called Bloomiefest (doesn’t have a web page but does have a Yahoo Group). We meet and do all things fiber-artsy for Friday/Sat/Sun and for some even Thursday night or Monday morning. Some folks just come in for one day… if you’re interested do send me an email and I’ll get you contact information.

I’ll be selling my yarns and it looks like I may be taking Rae’s handpainted rovings as well. In the past, I was the second fiber vendor next to a woman who has a yarn/fiber shop. She brought lots of spinning/feltmaking supplies so I didn’t overlap her merchandise in that area. Now I found out a few days ago she won’t be at the retreat this year, so it looks as though Rae will help me make sure the participants can get fiber for their spinning wheels/feltmaking projects if they wish.

Of course, this last-minute push means I’m in the basement studio rather than at my computer for hours at a time… making pretty things that won’t likely make it to the website. Forgive my relative silence until I get back on Sunday night, it will be “catch as catch can” until then.

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