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What day off?

I thought I’d get Bloomiefest photos up Tuesday. After all, I didn’t have any classes/guild meetings planned. But I was sooo tired that I slept till 11 trying to make up for the lost sleep this weekend. And then I spent a bunch of time doing the business paperwork behind the busy weekend I had.

I did get to go to Rae’s for a while, which was quite fun. I’m always running into people I know there and today was no exception (Hi, Luann! I know you read this…). And then I went to dinner at Altu’s, and ran into more people I know.

On the way home I had a drama-queen moment when my car decided to secure itself without my input, locking all doors with the keys on the front seat after I’d popped the hood. But as I have said here before, people are usually good and that made everything work out.

I was at the corner gas station exactly 1.5 miles from my house, where I typically go when my car needs service. Our friend John works there. John knew this guy who was there filling up the tank, knew the guy has a business about 6-8 blocks from my house.

Guy and kid were on their way home from a basketball game, not in a huge hurry. Guy (Jim from Hyacinth House Greenhouses near Mt. Hope and Pennsylvania, to be specific) took me home so I could get a key and get into my car. He offered to take me back to the gas station when I got the key.

Lucky me, when I got home Brian had just arrived there from work. So Brian and I took his key to my car at the gas station, and all was well.

Remember, there are good people all over if we don’t allow ourselves to be afraid at inappropriate times. I am grateful I can see this. It sure helped me out today.

You know, I used to really enjoy the energy of drama queen stuff. Today I was not into it, I figured out a few plans that might work to make things turn around.

I didn’t flip out or get depressed that things were not going smoothly, but I didn’t need to moan and groan and derail the rest of the day because of it, either. I think I’m growing up a little.

Knitting content? Not much. I forgot my knitting when I went out to Rae’s and Altu’s. I finished one sample sock (slipper footie in fun, fat yarn) for Rae’s shop so will take that to her probably Thursday.

This photo is my friend Sue from Bloomiefest… from the 2004 event. She had just dyed yarn with Kool-Aid and it looked great. This year’s pictures as soon as I can sit still at the computer and edit a big pile o’photos.

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