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Beware the Moods of March

I used to volunteer, for about 6 years, with an organization of young college women. Every March they hated each other. The girls rotated, with significantly different members each year… the issues they got mad about changed, but it was regular as rain. In April, they would be buddies again.

Wed. I had a magical time with my CityKidz Knit! program because they heard me defending/protecting them from some older bullies. I lived on that feeling for the day, then went home and got moody with my beloved Brian. Several of my email lists are having rough times right now, as well.

Remember, if you feel upset, it might just be the time of year. See if you can just sit on it for 2 weeks. If you still find it an issue then, perhaps that would be the time to pursue it. I wish I’d remembered that last night.

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