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Bloomiefest 2006 Pictures

bloomiefestWell, looks like I’ll be taking a Crochet class at Threadbear for the next 4 Friday mornings. I’m up too late to get there with enough sleep but I got caught up a bit last night, anyway.

bloomiefestI really want to understand crochet more, I don’t think I’ll ever be more fond of it than Knitting but they do work well hand in hand. I’d particularly like to make a laptop case in crochet, and a rug or two or seven. I like single crochet a lot, and tapestry crochet and afghan stitch. I’m not really big on double or triple crochets as a base fabric, though they work well in combination with other stitches as edgings (such as on my mohair Bloom Shawl).

bloomiefestSo I’m presenting to you a lot of photos, finally developed, from Bloomiefest. Not much text, but hopefully the photos will talk a little for themselves.

bloomiefestFirst photo, a general idea of what Bloomiefest is. We all hang out in one large room and play with whatever fiber thing it is that strikes our fancy. It included spinning on wheels and drop spindles and spindolyns, knitting, weaving, needlefelting, tatting, and surely more I can’t think of right now. In the photo, left to right, I think is Viki’s back, Anita, Val o/o, Sue, Maggie’s back (wearing a gorgeous handmade Mexican ruana with embroidery), and Angel.

bloomiefestSecond photo is Diane wearing her map of the world sweater. Cool. What else can be said about that? Third photo is Sue, Sherri and Maggie at the Japanese Steakhouse Saturday night. Most of the participants went to a highly-rated Italian place, but a few of us who were either adventurous or allergic to Italian food options, went for Japanese and had a wonderful time.

bloomiefestNext is Sherri at her lotions/soaps/candles (and rovings) booth, wearing her “Queen of Lotions and Potions” T-Shirt. After that is a skein of yarn spun by Faith on a spindle during the weekend. We loved it, and determined that the yellow was a wild card in the roving, no way to know if it would be nice or awful when spun. In the end, the yellow turned out the bit that made the yarn incredible rather than just nice.

Last is a ball of yarn spun on a drop spindle by Jeanie (using rovings dyed by my friend Rae in Lansing) and the start of a knitted project using the spun yarn. Pretty, huh?

I had a very nice time, met new friends, enjoyed the company of those I knew from previous years. I knit a bit, I sold well, and I’m happy I went.

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