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Photos from Classes

Sophia I’ve had some wonderful classes lately. For some reason I didn’t get photos of the First-Time Toe-Up Socks (FTTU) in the Thursday morning group at Rae’s that finished just over a week ago.

Fortunately, I did get a photo of the sole student in the Thursday night FTTU class. Here’s Sophia (a relatively new knitter who is clearly thrilled with her first pair of socks.. she’s only showing one but there were two). She’s showing off a sock and her two trained therapy dogs, Arpeggio and Chloe. Don’t they all look happy?

Next I have photos of another one-person sock class. This one is my Turkish Toe-Up Sock with Irene B. at Threadbear. We had some great fun… the sock starts with a wrapped cast-on, it is a lot of needles and very few stitches for a handful of rounds. Irene started playing with making her sock toe into a spider, so I joined her in the fun. I am pretty sure this will not inspire non-socknitters to dive in and knit these, but I found it so funny! This is what fanatical, totally-obsessed knitters just might do for a good time, my friends!

The third photo is the same class. At this point there are more stitches than needles and the toe has been started quite nicely on Irene’s amazing sock.

Irene can’t remember what brand of yarn it is, but it’s a superwash DK-weight wool yarn she bought at Threadbear a few weeks back. (Maybe Rob can tell us?) Incredible stuff, very bright, no mud and no dingy green that happens in so many rainbow skeins. On my monitor one color looks orange but it’s really a sunny yellow. Irene is loving this yarn, and I must confess I love it, too. Could you guess?

Notice that this sock has a more triangular toe than we typically knit in this society/age. This sock pattern I wrote is based on an actual sock from Turkey that I own (lucky me). You can see pictures of that sock in my August 28, 2003 blog entry called “Fanatical Details on Turkish Socks” (the cream/turquoise/black pair). That entry actually goes into detail on four different pairs I was very lucky to receive at that time. All four of those pair have pointy toes, two of them with tufts for decoration at the tip of the toe (I understand they are often worn inside without shoes).

I’ve been knitting on my sock to match hers, this week, as I wait in line here and there. I’m almost ready for my heel. My hope is that I’ll actually complete this pair during the three weeks of the class.

Irene's sock toePast Classes
I think I took a photo of Chris’ ColorJoy Stole project beginning (from several weeks ago) but it never got up here. She just sent me a gift box (you are sweet, Chris!) containing items I give my students in that class. She’s helping those in the next class, even though she doesn’t know them. How caring is that?

Chris drove all the way to Threadbear from Eastpointe, I think that’s about two hours one way… I was honored to have her as my student. And we had some great fun once she got here!!!

Chris also sent a photo of her ColorJoy Stole project (gorgeous) so I will have to try to scan that in at Foster Center. My scanner doesn’t work with Windows XP and since I have a digital camera now, I never bought a new one. It’s nice to have access to the one at Foster on the few occasions I want to use one. If I remember while I’m there, that is!

The Need to Finish
I’m sort of down about how many projects I have up in the air right now. I have not been able to get to my Olympic knitting since last Friday at Bloomiefest. I just can’t do thinking knitting with anyone around and when I’m home I’m usually on the computer, not knitting.

But then, I also know that March is a month where it’s easy to feel down. I will keep on keeping on and see how I do. I never finish everything, but I finish many things given time. I stay on projects, I keep plugging even if I put them down for months at a time. But sometimes I can’t afford (emotionally) to start one more thing until I finish something. Anything! Maybe the Toe-Up Turkish Socks will fill that bill. I hope. Right now I’m just on sock 1, but I’ll keep plugging and hope to get the second at the right spot for Wednesday’s class. I’m really happy with how this dye job works with the slip stitch detail on the top front of the sock. Lovely.

Polymer Clay Buttons for Me
They say the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes. Often that’s sort of how it goes with me. If I knit using my yarns, it’s for samples and I don’t get to wear the items. And buttons? I almost never get to keep my own polymer work anymore.

So when one ordinary brown button fell off my bright yellowish-green corduroy coat, I could have just sewn back that button. After all, it takes 9 buttons (double breasted with a single button at top collar) and I didn’t have any pre-made in the size I needed, anyway.

But I love turquoise and green together, and I don’t like brown, and darn it all, I had some turquoise polymer and yellow-green motifs on my work table because of some buttons I made for Jillian a few months back. So I dropped everything last night and made turquoise buttons with blue/white/yellow patterns on them. And tonight I sewed the buttons on my coat. They really look great!

We’ll see how they work out. They won’t break, I’m very good at that part of quality control. However, they could be thin enough to be sort of rubbery/bendy. When I make buttons to sell, they are what I call Chunky-Funky Buttons, big and fat and sturdy. I know they won’t bend or break, and they are great for a felted purse or a big wrap. I’ve made tiny shirt-sized buttons before for myself, but they made me crazy, they were too fussy to produce.

If these medium-sized matched buttons work out, maybe I’ll expand my button line. Or not, depending on the time available (did I say that?) and my inclination to do matching things. I’m not really inclined to make matching anything, most of the time. And I sure seem to have enough on my plate, already!

Studying Crochet
I’m trying to figure out what project I’ll do in crochet class for the next 3 weeks. This week we mostly covered things I have learned in previous classes (this is my third crochet class, but the longest one I’ve taken before was 4 hours on one day and this one is four weeks, 2.5 hours a week).

I’d love to crochet a rug but I’m not sure I’d learn much making a flat rectangle. I am leaning toward a laptop bag or messenger bag, preferably felted. I’d rather find a pattern so that I can practice following other folks’ instructions. I seem to do fine making up crocheted things but I want to learn to follow others. We’ll see, I have a week to settle on something there. Anyone out there who has tried a pattern they liked?

Signing off for now…

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