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Miracle of Miracles!

(This post isn’t too creative… will talk knitting next, I have great photos of CityKidz Knit and a few classes coming soon…)

OK, maybe some of you know that the title of this entry is from a lyric in Fiddler on the Roof. Altu’s daughter is playing the third daughter in the East Lansing High School production of that show for a few weeks and I saw it Saturday. She’s a lovely, talented young lady and I’m proud to know her.

The miracle? Not a musical at all. Months ago I replaced my hard drive. I’d intended to use Ghost software to not lose any data, not need to install software again, etc. Well, my Sony VAIO Pentium III had an unusual hard drive setup, where one disk was broken down into a drive C: and a drive D:, and that or something else made it so that Ghost refused to play nice.

Fortunately, Brian is good with fixing machines, so he installed the new drive and the basic software that came with the laptop when I got it years ago. But all of my unusual programs (and I have many) I had to re-install. I’m pretty good at backing up so I had most of the install programs on another computer in the house.

Well, I use a Palm device (An old Handspring Visor Neo black and white which goes 5-6 weeks on two AAA batteries) to keep my schedule. And without it I’m lost. I have a different schedule every day… every week can be very different. I only have a few appointments that stay standard each week.

I installed my calendar program. I couldn’t find an archive of my synchronizing program so bought another, installed, and thought I was good to go.

I was wrong. It looked like the laptop and the palm were talking to one another, but they were not. And it took me a while to figure out that there was a problem. Even longer to figure out what might be wrong (I use an unusual, older, calendar program which requires an unusual, older, synchronizing program). I had version 5.1 of the synchronizer program and I needed 5.1.1. Really. And of course the new one is nowhere to be found even on the Internet used market.

I spent hours looking into new calendar programs but none presented the one feature I really wanted. I realized that if I had a new program I’d need a new palm device because they assume you have something newer, higher-powered, and in color. I like mine with the large, easy to read screen.

Brian found a backup copy of the synchronizing program on our main computer at home. I had not been able to see it because I’m not the main administrator on that machine. And somehow I was able to find the email from February 2003, with the key code to activate the program.

It took over a half hour last night for my palm device to synchronize. But when I was done, I had only one overbooked appointment and that can be remedied. Whew!

So I get to keep my beloved Handspring palm device (see photo, I embellished it with fingernail polish in January 2004) and my very useful Lotus Organizer 5, a really old program that does just what I want.

Off to lunch with Tony, followed by teaching some computer classes. At least I taught one hour of knitting today, that’s the only creativity on the schedule until after dinner.

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