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Saturday Music

Fitsum and TemesgenSaturday was a busy evening. First we went to Altu’s restaurant for dinner as we typically do on Saturdays. It was a special treat because there was a new musician this week. His name is Fitsum and he plays Ethiopian saxophone. He sometimes played alone, and sometimes he was joined by special guest Temesgen Hussein, who is our house musician (he plays two traditional stringed instruments and sings).

I tell you what… the Ethiopian folks in the place were just delighted with the performance! This is the highest compliment Fitsum could have had… and Brian, who plays saxophone, also really appreciated the performance. We were pleased to have him join the musical team at Altu’s.

Next Saturday (6:30-8:30pm), Temesgen is the musician of the week but it may be that he is joined by Fitsum as his guest. Delightful!

Pooh, Wanda and DougUm… but back to Saturday. After we heard the music and ate the great food at Altu’s, we went to Cappucino Cafe at Lake Lansing and heard our friends (Wanda Degen, Doug Berch, and Pooh Stevenson) play a different sort of music. It was great fun and we saw several music friends we had not seen in a while.

After that? We went to a birthday party at a musical friend’s house where we played some music and then I listened to others play as I knit. I did a good bunch of chatting as well (you figured that out already, I’m sure). OK, so I took three knitting projects and I messed up on two out of three. Too much excitement in the room, I’d guess, messed up my focus.

But one of the items was a sock for my brother, toe up, which now has about one inch of ribbing. I ran out of yarn at that point, but I bought more Sunday when I taught at Threadbear and I’m soon to finish that sock. The other one? I somehow turned the heel when the heel flap wasn’t full length yet. Rats! Rippit, rippit, says the frog…

Photos: 1) Fitsum on Saxophone and Temesgen in the background on either Krar or Begena. 2) Pooh, Wanda, and Doug (left to right) at Capp. Cafe’.

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