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In Love with Yarn, Fiber and Life

HatHow lucky I am. Yarn and working with it makes me really happy. I don’t care about diamonds or resorts or expensive bottles of wine. I love wool. It’s really easy to make me happy. Put some yarn or fiber in my hands (wool, mohair, alpaca, any animal fiber) and see my face light up!

DaffodilsApparently lately I crave more of this fiber-inspired happiness than usual. I’m knitting myself some turquoise opal socks, finished one green wool/mohair slipper-footie and started another, finished that pair of Turkish-inspired socks, dabbled with a crocheted bag whose pattern is a little frustrating, started a crocheted hat, and got out the spinning wheel for the first time in months.

FlowersI’m sitting here in a sunny window, listening to Seth Bernard and Daisy May, and spinning pretty colors of superwash wool into yarn. Drinking great tea. This is the life, as Brian likes to say.

The other day I finished a full bobbin of single ply yarn in berry tones, that I’d started before winter came. Today I’m having fun playing with randomness. I am spinning three other colorways, a handful at a time, into one single ply. The plan is to ply the multi with the berry and see what happens. Either it will be a mess or a riot of fun. Crossing fingers there! Photos when I’m further along.

Photos: 1) Almost-complete hat (ran out of yarn maybe 1.5″ from finishing hatband but this is the view you’d see if I were wearing it, from the back. 2) Daffodils blooming in my Mom’s yard. Daddy planted them before he died in 1973. I always take comfort from these flowers. 3) Flowers on table of Gone Wired Cybercafe’ on Easter morning.

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