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A Shortage of Bobbins

bobbin with yarn(Prepare to problem solve, friends. Ready to put your thinking caps on? I clearly am not experienced enough to solve this mystery myself. Or maybe it’s just I’m too tired right now, who knows?)

Now what? I have a lovely spinning wheel with huge bobbins. I have two bobbins full of one-ply lumpy-bumpy goodness that I intend to ply together with one another. And then I have two bobbins half-full of very skinny single-ply goodness that I never probably will finish spinning.

fiber to spinWhy? I tried to make myself spin sockyarn. Twice. And I can do it, but it honestly bores me to tears and I stop halfway, long before I can knit anything with it. Ugh.

So what shall I do? One of the abandoned projects is some wonderful 100% hot-purple mohair I bought two August’s ago, at Allegan/Michigan Fiber Festival. Gorgeous. The other one is green/blue superwash bought for me by a student. Again, really pretty but I’m not finishing it, at least not the way I started.

Too bad that they probably are not so good to be plied together. If I had just one empty bobbin I could then ply the green/blue with the purple on it, freeing up the two now half-occupied so that I can ply together the yarns I really think will be nice plied together. That I made to ply together. That I need two bobbins to complete the plying. Or one bobbin filled twice, anyway.

I do have three tools that I could use to make this work. I have a skeinwinder, a swift, and a ballwinder. I’m thinking maybe wind from the bobbin to the skeinwinder? And just make the finished projects into single-ply skeins (two-yard hanks)?

I don’t spin enough. Does anyone know something obvious that I don’t know? What is the best way to proceed?

My email is Lynn AT ColorJoy DOT com if you feel like giving input.

Photos: 1) The first of the two Bonkers’ Fiber (super-soft handpainted superwash wool) bobbins… in many shades of berry. 2) Packets of three different colorways (purple, turquoise and green) of the same fiber, waiting to be spun up into the second bobbin full. Pretty!

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