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Susan Luks at Kaleidoscope this Friday

Susan LuksSusan Luks' DesignsMy friend Susan Luks is an amazing artist. She makes beautiful garments using so many techniques I don’t know how to describe her work.

Susan really makes fabric, out of other fabrics. Then she makes wearables out of that fabric. It’s something like quilting, but she’s not really a quilter in any traditional sense. She works in texture and color. She is a woman of talent who lives her talent.

I’ve known Susan since the 1960s, her older sister was in my 3rd grade class. We keep running into one another… and this is a very good thing!

Priscilla has known her since she and Susan were college-aged, anyway. Priscilla reads this weblog, I met her at Rae’s one day when she recognized me.

Priscilla writes:

Did you know that Susan will be a vendor at the Kaleidoscope conference on 4/21 at the Kellogg Center? She’ll be showing (and selling, I hope) her fabric creations. I think the vendors will be set up in the lobby.

Even people like us (you know, people off the street) can stop by to see the vendors. :-)

P.S. Susan thinks the vending portion of the Kaleidoscope conference will be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For the record, Kellogg Center is on Harrison Rd., near Michigan Avenue, in East Lansing at the edge of the MSU campus. Thanks for the lead, Priscilla!

Photos: Susan wearing one of her creations, left. Two other creations, right.

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