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Dress Rehearsal

dance with snakesFriday Habibi Dancers had dress rehearsal. Saturday night is the real thing (read the entry for April 20 for details). Here are some preview photos for you.

First two dancers from the snake dance (there are four dancers with snakes, and a “snake charmer/sorceress” in the dance). Yes, live snakes. Who can and do whatever they want while the dancer tries to make them behave. Not to worry… they think a person is a tree, not food, but they like to try to hide under vests or climb up stage props/sets. Total wild cards.

The dancers who dance with snakes tend to be some of the best in the troupe (though there are some mighty fine dancers who say no, thank you to this idea). Worth a peek right there!

dance with snakesThe other photo is April, right center in hot pink, wearing the vest/jacket I made her last night into the wee hours. It fits, it’s not her favorite thing but it looks fine from a distance as you can see. And I’m really glad I did the work, it would have taken her so long to do and it was even a hassle for me because the fabric was so difficult. The pattern was not too bad, but I had to make a few alterations and then deal with the super-stretch fabric.

For those who sew, it’s a crushed velvet with two-way stretch, and a grain. The grain meant it kept scooting one way and not wanting to go back to where it belonged. The stretch meant it did not want to be edge-stitched without stretching out a lot. The pattern called for a lining and so I cut apart an old turtleneck in 100% cotton, which I’d retired because of frayed edges. Cotton is at least less stretchy than the velvet.

For the record, April and Marie made April’s skirt Friday after I did my part. April’s so pretty here in her pink, dancing with Marie in orange. Don’t they look great?

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