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Back to Business

After much of a week focused on dance, now I’m back in my regular work for a few days before we do another much of a week on music. I do love my regular work. This Monday was a good day.

Monday is Haslett Community Ed. day, where I teach folks (mostly retirees) how to use computers (my only remaining computer work, really… though for about a decade I supported myself teaching computer seminars and consulting/programming/repairing). It’s really fun work, and they really appreciate me. I will not see them next week because I’ll be on my way back from New York, and so I got many hugs and good wishes as folks left. What a great life I lead!!!

Tuesday I get my brakes fixed (ugh). The car has 109,000 miles (and has been paid off for about 2 years) and these are the first replacement brakes. I figure I’m doing well. It’s just a hassle, but necessary before a trip. I hope to visit with my friend Ulyana while I’m waiting for the brakes to get fixed. That would make the experience downright pleasant!

Then Tuesday night I have First-Time Toe-Up sock class at Threadbear. I had 3 people signed up a day or two ago, so the class is definitely a “go” but there is room for more if anyone wants to join us last minute. Just bring all the double-pointed needles you have and I’ll help pick yarn in class.

Wednesday I just work for 2 hours, one a private knitting lesson and one the CityKidz Knit! program. Then I’m home to pack for New York! Woohoo! New York!

I love love love cities! Toronto was my first city. My friend Jarrettia says I’m a city collector and that really is true. I’m a subway collector in particular. I insisted on riding the subway in Cairo, for example, just to say I had done it. Not because I needed it… we had a wonderful driver. But he dutifully took us there and we rode two or three stops then came back. It made me happy (the Cairo Subway is extremely nice, for the record).

And I spent my entire childhood, singing into the mirror, practicing for the day when I would be grown up and singing on stage to an audience. And that is what I will be doing this weekend.

It’s truly a life’s dream come true, this small but satisfying singing career. We’re not any kind of famous, unless you are obsessed with currently performing ukulele acts. But I’m a very good entertainer (and my act is complete with Brian). I am fortunate enough to have audiences on a somewhat regular basis. What could make me happier than that? It’s as good as it gets.

Sleep… I need sleep…

Photo: My friend Lisa took this photo of me with my bug (1998 New Beetle, gasoline with manual transmission, named Joy) when I’d only had her maybe 3 months. I got her 1 year old. I still adore this car, it still looks and acts like a new vehicle. Lucky me.

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