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Short Note

I usually have Tuesdays off, at least during the day. Today I started with a gift massage from my friend Ulyana who took pity on me. I called her to find out any stretches that would help a crick in the neck and she gave me a short but focused neck massage. Early. I didn’t mind at all.

Hershberger Art KazooThen it was car repair time and a million other errands to prepare for New York Ukefest. I love my repair shop (yes I said that) and they did a great job. Brakes are costly but that’s not their fault, they would be costly anywhere. These people are just plain good, honest folk and they deserve my hard-earned dollars if anyone does. The shop is owned by a woman, Betty. I heard about her through two women I used to work with at Foster Community Center. I used to go all over town for this or that repair, but now I’m loyal. They are great.

Anyway then my First-Time Toe-Up class. Three great folks in that class, and they did great. Loved it, as usual.

Then home for dinner (take out from Altu’s restaurant) and music rehearsal. And now the plan is to make a few kazoos to take to NYC to sell at the same table with our CD’s. It’s past 11, but this is not late yet for me. We’ll see if I get any made once I get away from this computer. I did make a promise to Mysterious John of Shorty Long, that I’d bring him a Hershberger Art Kazoo. So we’ll see if I get on a roll or not, after John’s very special instrument is finished.

Photo: Kazoo I made a long time ago. The digital version of the photo is dated 2003, but I’m not sure if maybe it’s older than that.

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