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LynnH Basketweave RugMy friends, I’m happy to say that I have been busy lately for a great reason. My patterns will soon all be offered at Mary Moran’s website, KnittingZone, in downloadable PDF format. Woohoo!

People have been asking for PDFs, and I expect I’ll offer this feature on my own site in the future, but Mary has been offering downloads for a while and was ready to take it and run.

There was a time I really did not like the idea of offering my patterns as downloads. When I print the pattern here, I control the quality of the paper, I see what the photos look like on my printer, I put them in a good page protector. But folks really want patterns fast, and this is just plain how the industry is moving, whether I jump in and join the trend or not.

Sock by LynnHRight now there is a “ColorJoy by LynnH” page on the site with three of my patterns on it: Fast Florida Footies, Wristwarmers, and Watercolor Felted Bag. As of last night I sent her the rest of my 16 current patterns. They will be added to that page as Mary is able to code the pages for each pattern.

You can sign up on KnittingZone to receive emails when Mary adds downloadable patterns to her site. Here is the page to sign up.

I just got a notice that she is offering a sale through this Friday, on super-bulky yarns. My Basketweave Rug pattern is designed to be knit at 2.5 stitches per inch, and several of the yarns she’s offering on sale could work well for that rug. The rug needs 260 yards of the main color and around 100 yards of a contrast. There is Plymouth Handpaint Wool on this page and Linie 60 Tondo (comes in solids and multicolors) here and here. Either yarn would make a wonderful rug, I would guess. I’m tempted to get some yarn for myself… but I already have some Cascade Magnum in turquoise and lavender ready to go, if and when I ever get a chance to knit for myself again!!!

Oh… for the record, Mary Moran is the listmom for the Yahoo email group called Socknitters. I just checked their webpage and right now that group has 9,999 subscribers. (No, they do not all post but the list creates about 60 messages a day.) Mary does an amazing job of keeping things upbeat and civil. I’m really honored she approached me to sell my patterns through her site.

Sock by LynnHMary also wrote the wonderful computer program The Sole Solution. It creates custom socknitting patterns based on your gauge/measurements. I’ve had it for years. In fact, my very first toe up sock I made from her program. She had such excellent photos in her help program (imagine that, help that is helpful) that I walked myself through several things I’d not done before.

It’s a great program. You make a small gauge swatch to find out your gauge, you plunk in measurements and choose what features you want. It can be top down or toe up, any number of toe choices and heel choices. You can tell it any multiple of stitches you need for your cuff stitch pattern, and whether it should center the pattern or start at the beginning of the round. It even allows for a shaped calf, which is a feature I used when I made my brother, Eric, his first pair of handknit socks.

The program is a screaming deal, too. It is only $29.95 which is really a bargain next to other knitting programs.

Lots of folks know Mary but they do not know me… and she offers commercial yarns in great variety. Comparatively, I offer small batches of handpainted yarns… and only when I have time to dye (when I’m not teaching much). So Mary’s site is a more well-rounded site than mine (by design) and I think you’ll enjoy it. Beware: goodies galore. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Photos? My Basketweave Rug, and socks I knit with the assistance of Mary’s Sole Solution software back in 2001. The socks are on my LynnH SockTour which might interest you if you have not checked it out before. It’s a slide show of the first 33 pairs of socks I ever knit. (I’m up to 129 pairs now, but did not continue the tour, unfortunately.)

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