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Warmth, Finally!

HouseWe had the most magnificent, sunny, hot (*very* hot) weather this weekend. After last weekend with a frost warning and then a week of rain, I personally welcomed the heat with glee.

I must confess, I once got so cold and wet (on the back of a motorcycle when I was a young adult) I thought I’d never warm up, so I have a different take on being cold than other people. And even before that, I did not tolerate cold very well. So my favorite temperature is 84F/29C. Room temp is somewhere around 68F according to someone… I keep the house at 72 most of winter and sometimes kick it up to 74 (and sit on the heat vent wrapped in blankets) when I just can’t get warm.

Monday it got up past 97F/36C, according to our own indoor/outdoor thermometer. That is hot even for me. I like hot, I really do… but I have to dress properly, not go too fast, drink lots of cool fluids and just plain slow down life a bit when it’s that warm.

PorchSo I gave in and went to Threadbear for a few hours on Monday. They were air conditioned but not too much. Since it was a holiday it was busy enough to find good company but not swamped as it can be at times. Just right. I of course ended up with some sale yarn and two balls of washable merino baby yarn for socks. Like I need more yarn? Not at all, but I’m pleased with the purchases I made.

When I got home, Brian and I ate dinner (salads) on the porch. It’s a great porch, we had it built only a few years ago so it’s sturdy and well-thought-out. And the floor/steps are painted a lilac-purple with salmon trim (the house is white, the roof red). Just right for me.

Last year we did not use the porch much, because a bridge was out for construction very near our house most of the summer. Anyone who knew about our street, took a shortcut past our house to get around the bridge construction. I counted several times nine or more cars in a minute. It was not a good porch year. But this year is already making up for it. Sunday I sat out there and I did not see a car for many minutes. Heaven.

We went for a walk just as the sun was setting. It was down around 83F at that point with a slight breeze and it seemed the entire neighborhood was out for a walk at the same time.

After dark, we rehearsed as we usually do, and then I felted/shrunk a new striped bag I’m writing a pattern for. You know, a new bag is always a worry until you actually get it in that washer and see the bag in its proper size. It’s adorable. I’m thrilled. You’ll see photos once it dries and acquires handles.

Photos today? House from street corner, porch viewed from my hammock. Both from previous years’ posts.

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