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Brian’s Birthday Dinner at Magdalena’s

Brian HefferanLast Wednesday Brian and I met at Magdalena’s Teahouse for dinner and entertainment. It was his birthday and we knew there would be good entertainment there at open mic while we ate.

It was a quiet crowd, maybe because it had been a lovely day… and at the end of the night all the acts had performed and there was still time to play. So Brian went out to the car, got his ukulele, and went up there to fingerpick a few tunes solo.

Here’s a photo I got of him while he was up there. For the knitters who tune in, those socks I knit him years ago from Regia ringel or mini-ringel. I think they are Pair #23 from my LynnH SockTour. That would date them at January of 2001. I tell you, Regia never seems to wear out.

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