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Grandma & Grandpa’s Anniversary

Grandma IllaMy mother writes that today is her parents’ anniversary. He was principal of the school, she was a teacher. This was in the days when married women were not allowed to teach. They lived in Gilbert, Minnesota, on the Iron Range about one hour north of Duluth by today’s standards. I know that Grandma’s dress was a bluish-gray satin dress with satin-covered buttons, not full length. She wore the dress until it was worn out, but I think my mother still has the buttons. Mom says:

Mom and Dad were married on this day in ’25. It was the last day of school. Dad forgot to order flowers, so he woke up the florist to get some. They were yellow talmen roses. They thought they had pulled off a good one as they were married before school started, but when they left school, there were old shoes, tin cans and the cowbell tied to their car. For their 25th anniversary, Mom painted the cowbell silver. That is the one on my desk.

The photo here is one of my Grandma as a young lady. I’m not sure how old she was here. Her father was a professional photographer, so we are lucky to have even baby pictures of her.

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