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Update on Granola Bars

Funny, things happen to those who wait. I remember the time I made homemade shortbread. It came out a bit scorched on the edges and tasted like sand. I trimmed all the scorched pieces, threw them away, and saved just the middle part overnight. Thought I’d really screwed up.

But shortbread is basically sugar, flour and butter. And overnight the butter was able to slowly seep into the flour. And in the morning they were gorgeous and tasty. And I wished I could get back all the bits I’d tossed.

So it has been with the granola bars of last night. They were light and crumbly last night. This morning? crunchy, chewy, whole. Very few crumbs, no more than any other granola.

It still is a bit too molasses, not enough ginger for my expectations. Susan wrote that I could use applesauce. I think I’ll sub that for the egg next time. Somehow I forgot I used to use applesauce a lot, early in my food substitution days. Diana suggested substituting peanut butter for wheat germ (bulk and oil) but I just don’t like peanut butter very much. Maybe I’ll try that for a change of pace someday.

I’d still like to add some fruit. Worst case, there are some dates I can get at the American Bulk Food, the best dates I ever had in my life. They are a little more moist than other dates, and very tasty. But if I could add a fruit that was not dried, that would be even better. (Dried fruit is classified as a mold food, a mild allergy of mine, and it often has corn sweetener added which can make me very ill.)

I crave tart cherries or cranberries, for example. I’m thinking on that. Sounds too wet for this sort of project, but maybe not. After all, blueberry muffins are not a problem, are they? And if fresh fruit won’t work, maybe I can use some lingonberry preserves (from Sweden, all sugar/no corn sweetener) to sub for some of the moisture. The fruit in the preserves is not as wet as fresh, and it is quite tart enough to make me happy. Lingonberry preserves are sort of pricey for food, yet a very fine occasional treat.

But right now, for breakfast, a couple small molasses granola bars and Ethiopian black tea are just about perfect together. Strong and a tiny bit overpowering (like me I guess) but still very nice. Earth muffin food for sure (no, I have never ground my own flour) but satisfying. I think I’m closer to the final product. The texture makes me very happy.

Remember, I’m the grrl who figured out how to make pumpkin pie with no dairy products and no eggs. That took almost a dozen tries to get that recipe working right. I’ll figure *this* out even more quickly.

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