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Fun at Impact Radio

Oh! Such fun we had!

Doug and Corrina were the best of hosts tonight at the Progressive Torch and Twang radio show. They asked great questions, they had us play 4 songs live (one from the CD) and they played six cuts (!) from our CD (which has 14 cuts total). Wowie. And they were fun as well. You can not ask for better hospitality than we had tonight. Thanks so much, you guys!

Now, I wonder if I’ll ever get to sleep. I’m on such an adrenaline rush I can barely sit still. It was supposedly a “day off” for me today but I spent time doing publicity for our Sunday show and this radio spot. I did get some good food at New Aladdin’s restaurant and stopped by briefly at Rae’s to do a little bit of business. But it was mostly Fabulous Heftones Day. I enjoyed it.

Now I will go sit on the couch and try to mellow out by knitting the yarn I spun from Bonkers! fiber, dyed by Tracy Bunkers. I’m making a chunky shawl, something on the order of a crescent or semi-circle shape. The yarn is so colorful it’s like knitting an old fashioned rose garden minus the thorns. Busy, but fabulous!

Let’s hope the knitting calms me down so I can actually get to sleep tonight. I need to breathe. Yeah, breathe!

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