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With this humidity, my handspun shawl almost did not dry overnight… but I wore it anyway (in the air conditioning, I need wool all year ’round). I love it. The blocking did it a world of good.

In fact I committed to write up the pattern, and as quickly as possible. I’m already knitting a second one in a Debbie Bliss wool thick/thin variegated yarn. It’s in pinks, oranges, and yellow. This one will be a sample at Rae’s shop. I’ll make another in the same Debbie Bliss yarn but in a different colorway, for Linda at Little Red Schoolhouse. Then we’ll see what fun stuff I can find at Threadbear… but who knows how long this all will take.

I *am* at about 5 inches knit (from neckline) on the new shawl already. I’m taking notes this time around, so that I can write the pattern faster. Usually I look at the final item and count stitches, sort of transcribing the knitting from the piece.

This is a really fast and fun knit, but I have SO much to do this month I don’t know how much I’ll be able to focus on this new design and how much I’ll be dealing with the new ideas.

Oh… meanwhile I’ve scheduled new classes, at least one each at Threadbear, Little Red Schoolhouse and Rae’s. I’ll be back here with details soon.

Meanwhile I”m falling asleep at the keyboard. Gotta sleep! Seeya soon.

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