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I’m working on a complex project. It is about 11,000 stitches on size 2 needles. However, those facts are not the big deal because a pair of socks can have more stitches than that (and on smaller needles to boot).

I’m using about a dozen shades of laceweight-to-sportweight yarn, in a sort of folk intarsia. For the record, that means that half of my stitches are purls rather than knits… and you know how rarely I do something with more than a handful of purls in it.

And it’s all about a zillion strands of non-color. Taupe, beige, cream, brown… well, one beautiful sort of an aqua-turquoise. And the rest, boring to me. It’s elegant, perhaps, but I’m not the sort to appreciate that.

I won’t know if it looks like my plan until I’m at least 2/3 through the knitting. I just have to try… you can’t know if you don’t give it a shot… you know?

I’ve been working every free moment since Tuesday on this project. Well, every free moment until I give up faith, freak out that it won’t work, take a walk around the block or get some food, then start in again.

My wrist is behaving nicely, anyway… it gets a bit tired, I stretch and rest a bit, put on my brace for a while, then I’m good to go again. I’m pleased about that since on Friday my only important task was to knit for hours and hours and hours and hours…

It can’t last forever. You will see pics when it’s done. For now, here’s the tangled mess I call a project.

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