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Go back and read from July 12, my friends.

I’ve been gone from here, my friends. I’ve been gone longer than I’ve ever been since I started blogging. After two weeks of pushing to accomplish a CD release party, followed by two weeks of heavily-focused knitting (and an illness) creating a self-portrait, followed by three days of camping in a tent and singing in sauna-like weather, I got home and sort of collapsed.

I worked one day, teaching polymer clay at Threadbear… and I sang with Brian at a private luncheon. Other than that I’ve been preparing for another special project I’m doing for a group of knitters, dyeing them a special colorway for a knit-along.

I’ve processed many photos in the time since we returned from Minnesota, but did not have the energy to write the travelogues to go with them. Today I posted the story of the Threads in Space opening and I backdated it for July 12. So if you want to read that, please page back a few days and read forward. I’ll post more tomorrow.

I thought I’d go to sleep early and then go to the Ann Arbor Art Fair to see my friend Susan Luks’ booth Wednesday. Instead I may just have to give up Ann Arbor this year for the first time in a decade or more. My car needs attention and a 160-mile round trip is no doubt not wise. Sleep is wise, though. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hook up the system so that I can blog from the hammock on the porch. Now *that* would be the life!

Good Night.

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