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Rainbowgrrl Julie’s Sock Gift

Socks from JulieWowie. Today I went to a one-person class at Rae’s where Julie was my student. And she had a gift for me. Not just any gift, mind you. Something she made specifically for me.

Julie loves rainbow colors. She and I are both focused on bright color but we often choose different combinations. We understand one another, in this town which is generally conservative about color.

I met Julie in the contradancing community. I knew long ago that she hand-dyed commercially-produced cotton socks. In rainbows. Wonderful rainbows. Enthusiastic, bright, sunny rainbows.

Well, today she presented me with some wonderful super-thin summer cotton socks that she dyed in a LynnH rainbow colorway with me in mind. They are purple, cherry/fuschia, blue-turquoise, aqua-turquoise. And they fit my little feet comfortably. They are just plain perfect. (She also made me a rainbow bandana for my hair… of course I’ve always been obsessed with socks so I focus on those here but I appreciate both gifts.)

She was worried I would not like my gift. Imagine! She’s right, they are not wool, but in summer I do sometimes wear thin cotton socks with my sandals (yes, I’m a geek, but my feet just are not comfortable barefoot in any footwear).

And the colors? Notice how perfectly they coordinate with the skirt I wore to our class today. Incredible. She got it down to a “T.”

Julie, you rock! Thanks SO much.

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