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Online Source for Sorghum Syrup

I wrote a Granola Bar Recipe here this month, which called for Sorghum Syrup (though I did indicate a good substitute for those who could not find the real thing). I just was looking for shoe polish, of all things, when I found an online store called the Peas & Corn Co. They have Sorghum Syrup on their site. Amazing.

The site itself reminds me of an old general store. They have waistband-stretchers and collar stretchers, mink oil paste, hat brushes, onion cookers and a steam-free milk frother. All things I did not realize were available to me, sitting here at my desk looking at the computer. Too much fun… when I have other things to do…

One Response to “Online Source for Sorghum Syrup”

  1. Ryan Says:

    There is a site out there that is full of Sorghum Recipes if you liked cooking with Sorghum Syrup. It can be found at http://www.SorghumRecipes.com.

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