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Too Hot to Think

I tell you, my friends… today (Monday) the heat index was well over 100F and this is Michigan. I’m fond of warmth but not oven temperatures. I tried to have a day off but it was too hot to go on the porch in the hammock, even the hammock was sticky and hot. I read a little in my Yarn Harlot book, I knit a little (finished a footie and have only to bind off a shawl I started last week).

Mostly I drank water and iced tea and more water. I made up excuses to run errands where I’d be in air conditioning for a few minutes here and there. I do not like being cooped up in a building with air conditioning, I’m really big on opened windows… but today I gave in. I still have a headache from the heat in spite of the care I took. And tomorrow is supposed to be worse.

Tomorrow I’m going to see if our wireless internet connection will work in the upstairs bedroom where we do have a window air conditioner. We’ll see.

In any case, this all means I didn’t feel like sitting at a computer much today. What I just did was add photos to yesterday’s post. I’ll get photos from Ann Arbor when I can get cooler. Thanks for understanding.

Oh, Rae and Sarah posted their pictures from yesterday already…

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