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Allegan Purchases

Fiber Purchases from Michigan Fiber FestivalI know you knitters/fiber enthusiasts out there have been waiting patiently for photos of yarn and wool items I found at Michigan Fiber Fest. I’m sure of it… this was one of the first questions Sharon P asked me when we had lunch on Wednesday. So here it is, my friends!

From bottom left, clockwise, we have a beautiful ceramic bowl from a Spinners Flock colleague. Above that is a dark turquoise/clear teal ball of roving (and center-right magenta ball goes with it) from Mielke’s. Top of photo and wrapped around to the right is a batt of romney (a type of sheep) for spinning into legwarmers, from Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion. You can not see how beautiful this batt is, with turquoise, green, blue and hot yellow-green.

Nestled under the magenta ball to the right is a skein of handpainted single-ply wool/nylon sockyarn from an artisan who lives in Wisconsin. At center front you see two balls of Maggie’s Ireland single-ply alpaca blend yarn for warm over-socks this winter for sitting at my desk. Just above them is a multicolored green/blue/turquoise riot of color, sockyarn from Ellen’s half-pint farm. I adore her colors, and every year I make a point of buying something from her. This year I had a hard time deciding between this skein and a turquoise/purple beauty, but I was in a turquoise/green mood as you can see!

In the dead center of the photo on top of the purchases, is a gift (a handwoven pouch) I received from Kathy Rowe. Kathy is a weaver and dyer from Traverse City, Michigan. It’s a treasure, she made it herself. It has silver charms on the pink ribbons, two crescents/moons and one elephant. I love elephants. I’m really happy with this beautiful gift, I wish you could feel it. I’m guessing there is some mohair in the yarn, it’s very fuzzy yet strong.
She and her friend Marlee (I hope I spelled that right) were my roommates at the festival this year. They were “Just Right” as Goldilocks would say. I got there Tuesday and they came Thursday night… inviting me to join them in organic salsa, etc… we were very well suited for one another.

I am itching to start spinning the romney batt as soon as I can. Since we are singing at Coopers Glen Music Festival this weekend, I think it will probably be Monday or Tuesday before I really get a day alone to play. My spinning wheel’s bobbin is empty and longing for a project. I am eager to get going on that before it’s so cold I wish I’d finished already.

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