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No Email!

Friends, if you are sending me email, I just came home after five hours away from home to get no mail. Well, I haven’t received any mail from 4:15 to 8:45. Aaaargh!

Brian is my mail geek and he’s where I can’t reach him by phone. If you need to send me mail, for now send to: ColorJoyLynnH *AT* gmail.com

Or leave a comment. At least I have comments.

—-(later addendum)—

Well, I’ve tested and tested… looks like Yahoo Groups email lists are the problem. I can get mail from other places, or so it seems. Anyone else not getting Yahoo? I know this happens from time to time. If I go to their website, there is definitely mail.

I just got mail from Sarah Peasley, to my Lynn *at* colorjoy.com address. That’s a very good sign. It still seems pretty improbable that I’d get only 2 messages in 6 hours that were not from Yahoo groups, but who knows? Lights were out all over town and streets closed because of the intense thunderstorms today, so maybe weather has something to do with it.

Now to go catch up on the things I had planned to do in the last two hours…

One Response to “No Email!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hey! Glad I could help!