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Knit-Together in Kalamazoo at Music Festival?

Brian and I will be singing (as The Fabulous Heftones) on Saturday at 5:45pm in Kalamazoo. The location is The Kalamazoo Nature Center, and the event is Coopers Glen Music Festival.

Knit in at CD ReleaseIs anyone out there interested in knitting together at some point during the festival? Of course I’m booked a bit before and a bit after our performance (preparation and CD sales will take up that time) but if anyone out there is planning to come, do drop me a comment or email. We will be leaving for Kalamazoo on Saturday morning and I won’t have email for a couple of days during the festival, if past similar events are a good predictor. Even if there is a connection, we’ll probably be too busy to get out the laptops.

I know that Lynne Sahlgren is a fiber person since she was at the Michigan Fiber Fest last weekend. She will be at the festival, though I suspect she may be a very busy volunteer with little free time. However, I am thinking maybe we could have at least a short get-together for knitting/crocheting/embroidering/etc. time either Saturday after our performance or even on Sunday if other folks are staying overnight as we are. Takers?

I had such fun with the small group of knitters in June, at our CD release party. I’m crossing fingers we can do it again…

Photo: Tinisha at the CD release knit in. This picture was taken by Pirate Mariam.

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