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A Wonderful Day Off.

I’m off to go to sleep at 1:59am, my friends. I had a great day.

I had a good breakfast, spent time with a few of the really comfortable people in my life, rested, spent a bunch of time alone, knitted most of a foot on a pair of socks for myself, and ended the day with musical friends.

The weather changed and there was rain, unfortunately. Therefore, my nap was in my bedroom rather than the hammock on my porch. The only other down side was making dinner which was very frustrating but it tasted OK when it was done.

I took a lot of the advice you all gave me. It was good to know I had you on my team. I took photos and will detail the day when I’ve slept a bit.

As I said, right now I’m off to sleep. Tomorrow is a work day. My occasional helper called today, asking if I needed help this week. She’s coming tomorrow around noon to get me jump started on that work I did not do today.

I think I am glad I slowed down for a while. I didn’t feel guilty too often and I do feel rested.

Photos tomorrow…

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