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Sweet Saturday

Saturday I found myself at Frandor for a few errands and stopped in at Rae’s while I was there. Lots of folks I know came through, including Priscilla who recently test-knitted a Perfect Hug Shawl for me, and Sophia, who has been in several of my classes.

Sophia modeling her Knit CorsetSophia plays harp. She performed at a wedding Saturday and stopped by the shop after the performance. It was the debut of her Annie Modesitt Knitted Corset, which she had finished the night before.

Sophia is a relatively new knitter. She really wanted to knit this corset but at first was afraid to attempt something with as much detail as this includes. Rae and I were able to encourage her… I believe if you love something as much as she did this design, and you have the resources to get through any “hiccups,” that you should dive in and go. Your passion for the project will get you through the rough spots if there are any.

So here she is, friends! She is beautiful in the corset, don’t you agree?

Do you notice the harp at her side? She brought it into the shop and gave us a short concert right there. She’s also holding Arpeggio, her tiny therapy dog who goes with her nearly everywhere. He’s so quiet and sometimes he sits in her purse so unobtrusively that it can take quite a while to realize he’s there.

It was delightful to see your work of art, Sophia. It was equally as lovely to hear you perform. Thanks for popping by at just the right time that I could enjoy your visit!

One Response to “Sweet Saturday”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    I got to see Sophia looking glorious in her amazing corset. What an accomplishment! I’m sorry only that I missed the harp concert.

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