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Thanks for Support

The sun shone LynnH Feeling Bettertoday and I got enough food. (I think part of my recent funk was hunger or low blood sugar, though I can not be sure.) I taught my computer students at Haslett. They love me and they make me feel good by surrounding me in their affection.

I cleaned house… the task makes me grumpy but the results make me feel much, much better. Then our friend Bob came in from Ohio and we (Bob, Brian and I) had dinner at BD’s Mongolian Barbecue which was very tasty and the company was delightful as well.

After dinner, I went home while Bob and Brian went out. I needed alone time without a deadline. I sat and read a few blogs and listened to one KnitCast back issue. And knit my Lucy Neatby Equilateral Vest. With the back and the right front finished, I can now try it on myself and it is looking very promising indeed.

I really-really-really need to knit and knit and knit right now. I’m absolutely driven to make one more stitch, and then another. (I did not knit a single stitch until 6:30pm today but I caught up after dinner.)

The vest is very satisfying to me in this knit-crazy phase I’m in. (I learned from Sally Melville on Friday about how the act of knitting repetitively fits into the creative process. That information helps me not feel as guilty for being so focused on product right now. More on Sally later.) I think I will like the finished vest very much.

The best thing that happened, though? You folks sent me encouragement, both as comments and as emails. I can’t tell you how comforting that was.

I had a better day today. Much better. Thanks for being part of it.

Photo: Me with an imperfect smile, but a smile nonetheless.

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