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Stephanie’s Fast Florida Footies

Stephanie's version of Fast Florida Footies by LynnHStephanie (sojustask) wrote to say that she had finished a pair of the Fast Florida Footies. She likes my LynnH No-Purl Heel! I can’t help but beam as a mother would over her baby. Here’s what she said:

Your heel flap is the greatest and works out so cool with the varigated yarn. It even looks cool on my daughters solid color socks, reminds me of puffy pillows or something like that. Or the way African Americans do all those little braids in their hair, corn rows or something like that. I think I’m in love with this heel you invented. :)

Stephanie, thank you for making me smile. (I love the thought about cornrows, I see the similarity and love the concept.) You made my week, with your note! (Actually, it took me about a week to post her note, I hope she didn’t get tired of waiting.)

Stephanie’s picturetrail page can be reached by clicking the picture of her feet, or going to http://www.picturetrail.com/sojustask and then clicking Socks and Socks.

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