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The Life of Wild (Photoset on Flickr by Poablo)

I just searched for otters on the web… and instead found this incredible photoset including landscapes and closeups of wild animals (including an otter and something I have NO idea what it might be). There are closeups of a fall leaf and some flowers.

These are so polished, so colorful. I enjoyed my visit, perhaps you will as well.

2 Responses to “The Life of Wild (Photoset on Flickr by Poablo)”

  1. Judy Schimmel Says:

    I just got an email that might interest you. The web address is needleartsmentoring@org/weave/mentor.html. This program is much like what you are already doing but they supply yarn and needles. You may be able to tie into the program as there is no group in this area participating. You can also email the Executive Director Penny Sittler at helphands@offinger.com.

  2. Diana Ottergal Says:

    Beautiful! And the mystery animal is a Sugar Glider. I have a friend who has them, they feel soft as chinchilla…

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