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A Whirlwind

Wow, I sure stayed busy on Tuesday! I threw away several clothing items including some commercially-produced wool socks which had holes in them. They don’t even fit me that well, but at one time those were my only wool sox and I’d darn them. Now I realize I have many of my own handknits which are more worthy of the time it takes to darn. Off they went into the trash!

I put aside a few items to take to charity, and I recycled a bunch of things that had been waiting for me to have the energy to recycle them. Our recycle bin was full today on the curb, even though this family of 2 already put the bin out last week as well (it usually takes at least a month to fill the bin). In the last *two* days I ran three dishwasher loads (we have a half-sized dishwasher, usually perfect for this size household) and about eight loads of laundry.

One thing I made a priority was to eliminate as much dust as I could from the bedroom. This time of year when we have to close the windows and deal with furnace air from the basement (while outdoor air has mildewing leaves making it thick), is the hardest time of year for my breathing allergies. Brian has been sneezing lately, too (dust bothers him but not much else). So I stripped the bed down to the mattress, and I washed the comforter, the sheets/pillowcases, and the mattress pad. I dusted the floor (thank goodness we have a wood floor up there, it’s so much easier to clean well).

There is still much to de-clutter in the bedroom, but I’m thinking I gave our bodies a little rest last night as we slept. Or that is the thought that kept me going when I was working up there yesterday.

I also did some cooking. I made four boneless turkey breasts in the crockpot with some sliced carrots and a sort of long white radish I’d never tried before. It worked just fine. I swear, any root vegetable is good in a crockpot.

I can’t believe how huge those turkey breasts are! The good part was that they had no trimming to do, I could just rinse them and put ’em in the pot. I don’t like the look, feel or idea of meat, so the less I have to “bond” with it before cooking, the better. My body is insisting on a lot of protein these days. With milk/egg allergies (and possible issues with some beans), that leaves me eating poultry and fish these days anyway.

I also made a batch of granola bars. Every time I make them, I change something. They are just getting better each time. This time I split the bars into three bread pans and I tried three different baking times, to see how much they would change from 25 minutes to 30 to 35. It was an interesting experiment. I like them all but the middle one I liked best, and they were indeed distinctly different. I’ve been putting unsweetened coconut in them lately and that is such a treat for me! Yum. Coconut is one of the flavors I sometimes crave… even though I could not tolerate its texture as a child.

At 5pm I picked up my helper and she stayed with me a little longer than usual. She is still working on re-skeining all my sockyarn from the latest dyeing session. I have been trying to get the photos in order for the yarn webpage. Then last night as she was here, I was editing photographs and my Photoshop crashed. My hard drive was complaining, it is divided into two sections and one was too full. Dang. I knew it was coming but I didn’t want to lose that work. I hadn’t done tons of work but any time I have for things like that is precious. Fortunately my helper will be back on Friday (she skeins yarn and stuffs patterns into page protectors for me, for the most part) and when she’s here I try to do admin. work related to the yarn dyeing business. Maybe we’ll get this going!

After my helper went home, I continued to be the “white tornado” as Brian puts it. More recycling happened, as did more laundry. I finally stopped cleaning around 11:30 and we rehearsed for an hour. Brian crashed, I dealt with a bit of email, and then I also crashed.

It was a good day. The house still looks cluttered and messy, but I filled a large garbage bag and a full recycle bin that are already out of the house for good. I have a few boxes of “stuff” that will go with me to Foster Center today. The laundry I washed is already put away, and anything else will have to wait for another whirlwind day.

Thanks to those of you who wrote in encouragement. It’s clear to me I’m not alone but it feels that way when I’m trying to “shovel” myself out of the mess.

Wednesday is a busy one for me. I have a class that rescheduled for today at Rae’s (Fair Isle Socks), and CityKidz Knit! and three hours of dance. There is SO much yet to do, my car needs a muffler (pout) and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it in this week. Things that take me from my home office always throw me for a loop, as much as I like this life of mine (and all the people I get to see when I’m gone from home).

OK… I’ve printed all the handouts for my class today. Now I need to get on with my day.

One Response to “A Whirlwind”

  1. max the canadian Says:

    hi lynn
    sorry for delay in conversatioin but health challenges have been quite overwhelming for about a year..
    the long white radish type veg could be parsnips.. they are a great root veg.. have you tried doing a roasted veg pan? with beets, slices of squash, parsnips, onions, and potatoes or whatever you like.. when done drizzle balsamic vinegar over veg before you put in serving dish? i love fall for all the veg.. no wonder i have become badly ameic again..
    sounds like you are as busy as ever.. you remind me of the energier bunny!!!
    alll the best..

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