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I Give In

The sun is shining, Lansing is truly beautiful today. I really wanted to take photos *outdoors* of my TipToe Sockyarn before the sun went down, but my day is too packed for me to stop now and take photos.

tiptoenumbered.jpgTherefore, I give in. I took a quick photo of a table full of the colorways I dyed, on the way to the Threadbear sale a few Saturdays ago. I’ve done a quick edit to try and adjust it properly, though blue tends to disappear and purple always looks like dark blue. I’ve always said if you got a skein where the colors didn’t look as you liked when it arrived, I’d swap it for something else. (I know that turquoise does not do well on a monitor, it’s caused me trouble buying yarn myself.)

Usually people like my yarn colors even better in person… although it’s good for you to remember that I’m known as ColorJoy for a reason. All the colorways are more intense in person than they appear on my screen.

Here’s a photo of the yarn colorways I have in stock right now. Some I have only one skein, some I have piles of skeins. First come, first served.

They are 440 yards/100gm approximately, and will make a normal ribbed or stockinette sock up to about a man’s medium or bigger. Of course, the more cables/texture, smaller needles, taller cuff, the more yarn you need, but I’ve not seen anyone run out of my sockyarn yet.

The price is $24.99 per skein at this time. I ship priority with free tracking, so getting several skeins means you pay the same $4.05 shipping fee no matter. Three skeins for sure fits in one priority envelope for no extra fee, maybe four would also work but I haven’t tried it.

If you send me an email to Lynn AT ColorJoy DOT com saying what you’d like, it’s first come first served. Colorways are (updated 11/3 for sold-out colorways):

1. Girly-Girl. Very hot pink and intense purple, with bits of white.

2. Seaside. Bold turquoise and bold purple, soft blue, and a little white.

3. (Sorry, sold Out) Peachy Flammegarn. Mostly solid with small (one or two stitch) blips of white for depth.

4. Oh, Wow! Hot green, soft yellow, medium but intense turquoise, and creamy white. Maybe my favorite.

5. Spring Sunshine. Pale yellow, pale purple, soft blue and spring green.

6. Sunny Side. Warm yellow with pale peach and blips of creamy white (half-flammegarn).

7. Butterfly. Mostly soft yellow with tiny blips of blue green and tinier white blips.

8. This color is sold out.

9. (Sorry, sold out) Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues. Turquoise, purple, white. Bold!

10. (Woohoo, found one more skein…) Lilac Flammegarn. Blips of white. Purple with lots of blue in it. Old Scandinavian dye style, modern color.

Thanks for your continuing support.

3 Responses to “I Give In”

  1. momtroll Says:

    On my computer the colors do not come out well. I do not know what the reason is.

  2. Diana Says:

    ON mine, the purple looks purple, and the others seem to match your description. In the past, the yarn I’ve received from you has matched what my monitor showed. I can ask Oscar why that might be :-}

  3. Ysabeau Says:

    Ooooh, I love your colors… all of them! When I can, I’m ordering some. I think my favorite might be Wild Women don’t get the Blues, so I hope you make some more of that. B*B, Ysabeau