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Autumn is winding down.

potterparkgrandriver12.jpgWednesday on the way home from Foster Center (for a quick break) around dinnertime, I glimpsed a beautiful view of the Grand River near Potter Park. (This is somewhere around a mile from my house, closer to downtown.)

I found a deserted parking lot, pulled in, stopped the car, and potterparkoct25.jpgcrossed Pennsylvania Avenue by foot so that I could take some photos. I took maybe two dozen photos and I promise you, they are all wonderful. I just do not want to bore you with that many facets of the same jewel… so you get two.

This is facing east, standing on the Penn. Ave. bridge half a block from the entrance to Potter Park/Zoo. Can you see that we have lost almost all of the color except yellow around here? The grass is unusually green for this time of year, and in these photos the sky is uncharacteristically blue. It makes a great photograph!

At least the colors make the Fall season more pleasant. Earlier in the season we have a lot of electric orange, because we have a lot of sugar maples which turn to flame early in the season. Right now the only intense color is from “burning bushes” which turn a hot red. They are particularly intense this year, or so it seems.

fallingleaves.jpgThe last photo is from Thursday morning. We got a hard frost for the first time that night. I don’t usually get up that early but here I was outside around 8:30am or so. The first hard frost puts all the “iffy” leaves on the ground in a split second! I stood there and watched the leaves fall on (almost bury) these cars across the street, like it was a blizzard with flakes falling. It was amazing how fast they came down.

I’ve been wearing my longjohns to keep my legs warm, plus legwarmers on top. I tell you, sometimes I just can’t get warm no matter what I do. I wore angora gloves with alpaca/wool wristwarmers out on my errands Thursday. The thickest socks were not quite warm enough.

Eventually my body will get used to heating up more, and I will be more comfortable in late December than I am right now. Until then, I’m layering wool clothing on myself like crazy. Thursday I even wore my super-thick sweater I made for camping at Wheatland, but I wore it indoors and it did not feel too warm at all!

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