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Kristi has the saddest news I can think of. I feel kicked in the gut. She’s such a great person, but “I am not in charge,” I can’t make her life different right now. I only wonder if I have any power at all to make her feel better… to at least know she’s loved.

Off to knit. Knitting heals some pain, so that’s what I do have power over at a time like this.

2 Responses to “Sad”

  1. Diana Says:

    You have the power to share your love. We had many bereaved parents when I worked on the cardiac unit at Mott Children’s Hospital,. The love people send helps, it really really does.
    My heart goes out to her and the rest of Eli’s family.

  2. AlisonH Says:

    I am so glad you’re knitting for her, offering a hug to wrap around her always.

    It was many years before I realized that having lost my first child would be one of the defining moments in my life: my husband and I were so young, and our friends had very little life experience at the time–so they completely avoided us, not knowing what to say. We lost both our daughter and their support when we most needed it. The result was that I have done many things in the 25 years since then to keep others from feeling alone in their grief; that child taught us much, and blessed many, for which I am grateful. And I am so very glad that you are being there for your friend at such a time of loss and need. Thank you for the wisdom and grace in your reaching out.

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