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skyoctober282006.jpgIt is “Sun-day” and the sun shines in Lansing. The wind is wild, and though the walk to the Fleetwood Diner from our house is merely 5 blocks, we felt chilled as we approached their building. Good coats are essential on these days, snow or no.

Yesterday the sky was gorgeous around 6pm as we drove to Grosse Pointe (east of Detroit, on the waterfront, a 1.75hr drive from Lansing) to sing for a 75th birthday party. We had a blast at the party, where they sang with every song and danced to several.

I knit in the car to and from the gig. I knit when we got home. The comfort/hug/wrap is halfway done now, not bad since I started knitting on Friday night. It feels really soft and that was my goal. Looks are not as important as feel for this particular item, though I do really love the colors with which I’m working.

It is interesting, though… Today I’ve knit on size 0 needles (socks at the diner) and size 15 circular needles (wrap). Boy, do I knit faster on tiny double-pointed needles! Circs always slow me down, I knit tightly enough that I have to stop and push stitches from the thin cable up onto the fatter needle part on the left, before I can knit for a while… then stop and push, then knit. And just the bulk of the needle slows me down quite a bit. Double points don’t have a thin part so I can just zip along.

The fabric I’m building is worth the clunkiness of the process, though. I enjoy every stitch because of the fibers under my fingers.

Here is a photo of the sky last night. Brian was driving and I took photos out the window on the way southeast.

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